Tijuana Brothels Exposed!

tijuana brothels

Tijuana brothels aren’t exactly a stranger to attention. Tijuana red light districts are world-famous, with perhaps only Amsterdam besting them in notoriety. Tijuana brothels offer some amazing selections of local girls as well as women from throughout central and south America, and sometimes at incredibly low prices for their services.

The tradition of Tijuana prostitutes is no secret. For decades, Californians have flocked to the Tijuana red light districts and enjoyed the sensual pleasures offered there. Today is no different; servicemen, tourist, and businessmen continue to prowl the area in search of the beautiful working girls it’s known for.

The Tijuana red light districts have drastically improved in recent years. With an influx of young prostitutes, an increased cashflow has empowered some brothels to even import eastern European beauties, as well as Asian girls. The days of a slim selection in Tijuana red light districts are over….today, it’s possible to suit anyone’s taste with a wide selection of young and sexy Tijuana prostitutes to choose from.

Prices vary widely in Tijuana red light districts. While a seasoned traveler can easily arrange a king’s treatment by two or even three lovely teen Tijuana prostitutes for less than $50, a newcomer to red light Tijuana will invariably be overcharged and under satisfied. Scams are also common in the Tijuana red light districts, with girl switches, pay and runs, and even violent beatings & robberies taking place nightly. The truth is, there are many dangers in Tijuana red light districts that new visitors are strongly advised to educate themselves about.

Brothels in Mexico – Secrets Revealed!

Although the government does it’s best to keep the rise of violent crimes out of the media, the insiders of Tijuana brothels know quite well the dangers present in the red light districts. Tijuana prostitutes sometimes lead customers into Puerto Rican girl traps in which they are robbed and beaten, and even some brothels themselves regularly strong-arm naive customers out of their cash and jewelry, using violent tactics.

Despite it’s dangers, there are few places in the world that can compare to the quality of Tijuana, especially for the price. If one is well guided, it’s possible to fulfill any fantasy or fetish in Tijuana brothels, for pennies on the dollar. In order to assist the new traveler in Tijuana, red light district insider Mark Masterson has written an exclusive Insider’s Guide to Tijuana Red Light Districts. Inside this insiders tell-all, you will discover:

tijuana prostitutes

  • Where to find the hottest young prostitutes of Tijuana in minutes
  • The Tijuana brothels (not the touristy ones!)
  • How to avoid being hassled, robbed, or beaten in Tijuana red light district
  • Negotiating the most action for pennies on the dollar
  • Where in Tijuana to go for fantasy fulfillment or unique tastes


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Updated August 2018!